Suburbia’s Freedom 1 RHK – Your Paradise Of Privacy & Comfort

Know more about ‘Freedom 1 RHK’

With 2018 here, the year already looks promising with respect to the Pune Real Estate market. The trends are showing a steep inclination to 1 RHK, 1 BHK flats in Pune , especially for prospective buyers such as new couples or singles who have just moved to the city. A 1 BHK flat offers thorough freedom of living individually as compared to sharing a bigger space with roommates or other family members.

Talking of those who have recently moved to the city of Pune for work reasons or as they are newly married; the east side offers a good choice in 1 RHK, 1 BHK flats n Pune in the form of Suburbia Estate at Wagholi Annexe – an unmissable opportunity to own a home full of freedom and a life full of convenience. 1 BHK in Suburbia Estate is the perfect definition of freedom offering a natural atmosphere with plenty of open spaces, ample sunlight, and cross ventilation with a wonderful project design and an attractive architecture – everything to keep you healthy and happy. Along with the company of nature, it is in proximity to the adjoining IT hubs of Magarpatta ,Kharadi, and industrial belts.

The 1 BHK plan is designed in a way to meet the necessities of the modern day living. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, yet at a suitable proximity to daily groceries and conveniences, these homes offer complete comfort within the four walls too.

As millennials make Pune a preferred choice for prospects of job growth and a better future, Pune is increasingly seeing a spike in the demand for 1 BHK flats. Be it for professional reasons and the need to own a personal space or a newlywed looking for their first place together, these homes help to express the freedom of living on one’s owns terms without having to bother over a third person’s meddling.

What is freedom? If that’s your question, then you are welcome to experience the freedom of 1 RHK at Suburbia Estate.

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