What would you look for while buying a new home?

Buying a home is a life time decision, so you have got to be careful before you zero in on one!

You have made all your savings. The provision for home loan too is quite in place. Now, your hunt begins. For the right home. You want it to fit into your expectations. So, what are the most important factors you would look for in a new home?


You would want your home to fit into your budget. So, anything that burns a hole in your pocket is a straight no-no. Obviously, you don’t want to blow away all your hard earned money at once!


Where you live really makes a difference. You don’t want to settle at some remote place. Neither do you want to feel totally cut off from the city. Besides, the address should be prestigious. The one that would make you proud!


A comfortable, cool lifestyle is what anybody would long for. You know how essential those add -ons are for making life really what it is!

Community life:

Community life is all about socialising and security. Who would not wish for an amicable neighbourhood?

Suburbia Estate: a perfect home for you!

Welcome to a place with a vibrant and warm culture and an air of camaraderie. Where there is connectivity with leading IT spaces, proximity to the leading malls as well as hypermarkets and to the happening side of Pune.

It’s a blend of modern lifestyle, comfort of family living and contentment of a semi urban livelihood. Welcome to Suburbia Estate- 1, 2 & 3 BHK apartments in the new suburb of Pune. Ideally located at Lonikand, just a minute away from Wagholi, Suburbia Estate is full of all the benefits of being in the eastern corridors of Pune.  It would enchant you with its superlative convenience and enhanced connectivity at such a pocket-friendly price. Be here and rejoice in the goodness of life!