Few simple steps to buy a home & invest in Real Estate

Whether you wish to buy a home to live in it or as your smart investment, you would always want it to be a joyful experience. Right? Then here are a few simple ways of ensuring it.

First select the most suitable location
Where you live defines your lifestyle. And besides, the location should also be advantageous in terms of connectivity, future growth, career opportunities, educational institutes, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, eatery joints, parks and other lifestyle conveniences. Just like the rising location of Lonikand, Wagholi Annexe! Prioritize all these parameters and based on them first select the location as per your needs.

Finalize your budget
Have a moderate budget? Don’t worry and don’t be hesitant in exploring new options. You might come across such a fabulous creation like Suburbia Estate which fits exactly in your budget. Budget is a significant factor upon which your home buying will depend. See how much you can stretch to the max and finalize it.

Keep an eye on the latest policies & reforms
This is the era of reforms in real estate sector. RERA has been implemented and GST has also been enforced. Keep reading about the latest articles and blogs so that you have a clearer idea about what’s new and working in favour of home buyers.

Visit the sites
Then shortlist a handful of good projects and start visiting the sites. Because unless you go and experience the site yourself you will not be able to feel the vibes that surround it. Like Suburbia Estate has an aura of positive vibes around it! So please do that and make your notes, collect brochures.

Start comparing
Once you are ready with the list of package costs and applicable EMIs, then start comparing the projects with each other. The parameters should be suitability with budget, location convenience, look & feel of the site, project planning, elevation and features like amenity development. Suburbia scores exceedingly well in all these factors.

Decide your possession date
Some projects offer early possession, whereas some may take 2 to 3 years for completion. Decide what suits you more. A nearing possession option like Suburbia is always better.

Look for offers
If there are festivities around, you might feel lucky and get lucrative offers to buy your dream home. GST waiver or No EMI till possession could make a lot of difference effectively.

Use your discretion and try your negotiating skills to the fullest. If you do it well, you could surprisingly end up saving a lot many thousands of your hard-earned-money!

And finally the big moment will arrive. Give the token amount and book. We are pretty sure, how much ever you search and analyze; you will book your dream home at Suburbia Estate only. Because it is undoubtedly the best option available…

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