Why is it advisable to book a home in a nearing possession project?

It’s cost effective

The realty industry has just survived a slump and we all are aware of it.   This had resulted in very few new launches, falling prices and unsold inventory. This has made developers come up with irresistible deals, discounts and freebies to attract buyers of ready-to-move properties. This is precisely why it’s more beneficial to go for a ready possession project.  In the changed scenario, prices are beginning to rise again and the market seems to be buoyant again. So, to begin with, this is the most opportune time to invest in property. And if this property is a ready possession property, it would be even more advantageous.

There will be no cost of rentals

Most of the first time home buyers depend on home loans to buy their homes. If they go for an under construction project, they may have to keep paying the EMIs as well as rentals. On the other hand, they can book a ready possession home just paying a little extra. This is much cheaper in comparison.

Rental income potential

Some investors buy houses so that they can earn more income through rentals.   Others may buy property to resell it and earn profits. In both the cases, booking a ready possession home is more gainful. The reason is, they can start earning at once.

It’s much safer

The element of certainty makes investing in a ready possession project a safer option. When you book a home in a ready possession project, it’s right there in front of you. So, there is no insecurity about it.

Saves time and stress

Booking a ready possession home saves a lot of time. This is because you don’t have to keep on waiting for the project to get completed. Besides, there is no anxiety caused by waiting endlessly.

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