Residential projects with tax waivers are absolute stunners

Government taxes eat away a lot of your available funds and make buying a home even more difficult for you. In today’s era there are many obstacles that stop you from realizing our dream of buying a home. Let’s discuss them one by one so that this article helps you eliminate all your problems and emerge as a big winner. Or should we say gainer!

Monthly EMI
This is the first step. The dream of buying a home captures your mind only when you get closer to the feasibility of affording the EMI amount. Arriving at this stage is the beginning. Once you reach here, start planning further without anymore hesitance. Don’t wait for too long for your comfort level to come. Always remember, the EMI once set is going to remain constant whereas the income is going to increase all the time. So be a bit bullish about going further. May the best of luck be always with you…! And in case of homebuyers’ favourite Suburbia Estate, the monthly payout is not much.

Down Payment
This is probably the biggest blockage. Start saving today so that you accumulate the required sum some day. Clearing this level requires sheer hard work and a very strong willpower. However in case of Suburbia Estate, it is not that tough. What you need to do is to come forward and discuss.

Government Taxes
Stamp duty, registration charges and GST are the three components under this. Collectively they form a sizably big amount and could certainly shatter your dreams. At times, there are occasional offers like No EMI till possession, GST waiver, no stamp duty etc. But the ‘Suburbia Sukhi Ghar Yojana’ is the climax of all offers. It is an absolute stunner. No GST, No Floor Rise, No Stamp Duty & Registration Charges!  Not just because it will save lacs of your hard-earned money. But it would make home buying experience truly delightful and effortless. For more information, call on #7066430551

So now don’t look further. Simply drop in at Suburbia Estate at Nagar Road, Lonikand, Wagholi Annexe and book your dream right now…

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